When do I need to sign the Contract?

At APH we don’t sign a building contract straight away we like to complete the necessary design work first & carry out selections & advise you of the final price then sign the contract just before we are to start on site.

How long will my project take?

This is not an easy answer as it very much depends on the type of project, council’s requirements & our current workload. Generally though a Single Storey Home will take 10-12 months from Design Stage to Handover & a Two Storey Home 12-15 months much dependant on council approval time frames. Our Construction Team have been put together carefully & we try & utilise them on the majority of projects particularly the finishing trades as we would rather maintain our high standards with the trades we know & a few extra weeks in the long run doesn’t really matter for a home that you will probably be in for the next 10 years!

Can I choose the finishes in my home or do I have to stay with your specified items?

Absolutely this is your home why can’t you have what you want! While we will base your price on one of our Standard Specifications the final decision is yours, you will have a dedicated Selection Consultant guide you through the process & once selections are completed we will advise you of any adjustments & then prepare the contract documents.

What footings have been allowed?

This is a very good question & I am glad you asked as it is very important when comparing one builder to another. At APH we allow for a realistic footing size as starting point based on the Australian Standard guidelines for a “M” Classed site which will vary slightly for a Two Storey Home but we will advise even at Budget Stage on what extra cost you should allow as we have built homes in most parts of Adelaide & understand the different soil profiles & the impact this can have on cost. There will be an adjustment to be made but we know that our charge will be much lower than the majority of other quotes you will obtain. We will also obtain a soil test early in the design stage so we can advise you of any increases ASAP as this may influence your decision on other aspects of the home. Great Questions.

Can I change your standard plans & not be charged & excessive amount?

The simple answer is yes we expect changes as we are a Custom Builder, in most cases the cost is not excessive & you are only charged a fair rate particularly if you are only making room larger.

Can I stay in my home while you carry out the extensions to my home?

In most cases the answer is yes but it depends on what we are doing i.e. if we are changing all of the wet areas then moving out may be a better option particularly if you have young children. It also can come down to timing as we are happy to stage a project i.e. build the new Master Bedroom & Ensuite then start on the other Bathroom after it is completed which will delay the project & costs a little more but does allow you to stay in your home rather than having to find a rental or staying at the In-laws!

Do you offer a longer structural warranty on your buildings?

Yes we do on New Homes only being a 25 Year Structural Warranty in addition to Builders Indemnity Insurance which is a legislated cover which is included in our pricing which covers you for 5 years against Faulty Workmanship & Defective Work which includes Structural Issues. We know from experience that if there are any issues then they will appear in 99% of cases well before the 5 years are up. We are very much appreciative that sometimes things go wrong but we guarantee if we are at fault it will be fixed!

If I refer someone to you do I receive anything?

Absolutely & that is why we strive for all of our builds to be the best we can & for our customers to be happy to refer family & friends. Our business has been built on Referral Work & is why we don’t need to pay $1000’s on advertising. We point out not only do you receive a gift from us for any referred jobs that go ahead we will also offer a discount to the same value.

Still have questions?